Thursday, 17 July 2014

Can't talk,just play! ^-^


This entry special for 'Baekk"!
My hedgehog..
i brougt him last week!.
‘wondering why i buy it’.. lalalaaa... >_<
Ohhh he soo cute! That’s why i choose it to be my pet! 
Simple right? hehee      
 ohhh..he so cute right =D

Very misssed to have a pet, it release me when i’m in “combination” (happt,sad,anger) feeling, hiks!
Okayy dan juga peneman waktu bosan.that time i very need it =)

“Baekk” siang hari dia akan tidur, so jangan kacau..tunggu la malam, bising bunyi dia main je haha..
Kadang2 sanggup tak tidur teman dia main lalalaa....^_^


That's thing that i very like to watch when he playing with his ‘roller’..ohh that’s so cute! It very funny  >_<

tengah main2 boleh tido dengan kaki nye macam tu! 

photo can describe a long story for him..

p/s : combination entry! malay+eng hehe Hope not “annoyed” kbaii 0_0

~MayRA hAyFa~ 



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